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Plataforma Berlin 2023


DOCK 11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin
Do, 03.08. Fr, 04.08. Sa, 05.08. So, 05.08. jeweils 19:00 Uhr

Normales Ticket 15,00
Ermäßigtes Ticket 10,00

BARAZANI Berlin – Spreeufer 6, 10178 Berlin
Fr. 04.08. Sa 05.08. von 16.00–18.00 Uhr
VR single-user experience (20min slots with reservation only).
Normales Ticket 8,00



Do, 03.08. Fr, 04.08. Sa, 05.08. 19:00 Uhr (Double Bill)
Recuerdos del Presente/Memories of the Present

(Premiere) 40 min.

SEGUIR, Stages a body that demanded patience and appreciation trough the recovery of surgeries to remove endometriosis and tumours. It is about the female self, identity and resilience in a body that is transforming while ageing, while living, while dancing. On this work I take space and time for a ritualistic momento to honor my body and women’s body, while dancing on stage with a shimmery yet dangerous company.

Concept, choreography and performer: Areli Moran
Sound composition & performer: Samaquias Lorta
Dramaturgy: Sasha Amaya
Object realization: Areli Moran in colaboración with Daniel Luis Montiel
Sound collaborator: Rodrigo Zarate
A producción by Areli Moran and Espacio Expectante.
Supported by Centro Cultural Plaza Fátima, Manifestaciones del Cuerpo. Creation process supported by Secretaria de Cultura de Mexico, FONCA; Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the framework of the initiative NEUSTART KULTUR, aid programm DIS-TANZEN by the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland

Recuerdos del Presente 45 min.

...-Two beers to start and two beers to continue, I want to go home-...
“Recuerdos del presente” insists on the rhythm of the Andean Cumbia and its tonalities recalling nostalgia during celebration. A space that puts in dialogue three elements that emerged from the research: the cumbia, the ch'alla and the party; these create an intermediate space where different imaginaries and narratives meet, having at its center the contradiction - opposition sadness/happiness, loneliness/companionship. The performer explores a re-encounter with traces of family parties, shared intoxications, zapateos rompe taquito that go through an exercise of memory and from a feeling of nostalgia the social is re-defined through the symbolic.

Concept & Performance: Sharon Mercado Nogales
Dramaturgy assistance: Luisa Mateo Dupleich Rozo
Mix & Production: Caballo en L/ La Perla Andina
Music references: Amor Sagrado- Chuxña Manzana, Tayhana- Negra Brava, Chuquimamani Condori- Live set 2023, Mix Las culisueltas, Mix huayño Zapateo Ronisch, Sharon Mercado Nogale- Dame Veneno (Prod. Caballo en L/ La Perla Andina).
Stage design & costume: Sharon Mercado Nogales
Video: Producciones Maxilogos 3D


So, 06.08. 19:00 Uhr
NON FUCKABLE TOKENS (NFTs) (German Premiere) 25 min.

How does the development of new technologies shape our self-perception? Non Fuckable Tokens (NFTs) is a performance by Claudix Vanesix, XR artist from Peru, that combines Performance Art with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to critically display the impact of technology in our era. The work explores the development of internet culture from a decolonial feminist perspective, making explicit the misogyny that underlies in digital spaces. This performance also reflects on how futuristic narratives can be in dialogue with ancestral identities.

Directed by: Claudix Vanesix
Produced by: AMiXR
Music by: Jorge Pablo Tantavilca
With the support of: Teatro a Mil Foundation, Goethe Institute, Sala de Parto



Activism, collective feminism, BIPoC futurism

Closing talk with artists Areli Moran, Sharon Mercado Nogales & Claudix Vanesix with Martha Hincapié Charry


Fr, 04.08. Sa, 05.08. 16:00 - 18:00 Uhr
DANCE PERMIT (DENIED) (German Premiere) -20min slots-
single-user experience (with reservation only).

This is a performance and an experimental 360° documentary film about the traditional dance of my family "Los Negrasos de Sipsa”: The black men from Sipsa.
My grandfather, my father and my brother danced as I grew up, I didn't: The tradition says only men can dance. I was born a woman and I was not born in Sipsa. I don’t know how to dance a man’s dance that I was not explicitly forbidden to dance.
Dance Permit (Denied) is an immersive film that uses Artificial Intelligence and performance art to challenge gender norms in traditional religious dances in indigenous Peru. It's an autobiographical documentary about the traditional dance of my family "Los Negrasos de Sipsa", that explores a centennial view on the themes of gender, memory and reinvention of the ancestral
3DoF, not interactive.

Original Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English, Spanish.
Production by: AMiXR.
DANCE PERMIT: Directed and Performed by Claudix Vanesix Testimonial: Leonel Arturo Figueroa Muro & Leonel Arturo Figueroa Pineda
Family Footage by: Jessica Karina Muro Galloso
VFX, 360° video editing and GAN models: Claudix Vanesix Production Assistant: Lorena García
Sound Design by: Jorge Pablo Tantavilca


Areli Moran.

Mexican, LGBTQ+ performer, choreographer and cultural manager base in Berlin. Her creations presents visually powerful perspectives on current feminist and political topics through deep autobiographical excavation. Her work have been presented in Mexico, Canada, Berlin, Denmark and Spain where she also developed diverse artistic collaborations.
Her connections with Mexico continues as artistic director of multidisciplinar studio Espacio Expectante that she founded in 2017 and Festival Artes Vivas in Monterrey, Mexico.
Since her arrival in Berlin Areli has been supported on different occasions by the Federal and State founding bodies of Germany and premiered her first German production at Tanztage in Sophiensaele Berlin, 2019.

Sharon Mercado Nogales

Choreographer/ Dancer from the Andes- Bolivia based in Berlin. She studied at the B.A. Program HZT Berlin and at the Wayruru Project in La Paz. In her work she incorporates autobiographical material that goes through an exercise of memory, with the aim of creating body practices. She constantly seeks to provoke the current cultural spectrum through the body, working with the resignification of her materials. She is currently part of the collective Moviendo Territorios and the dance collective cobracobra. In 2023 she developed the dance practice "Technocumbia'' inspired by the 90s contest "Sábados Populares”. Her works were presented in Bolivia, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Peru, Chile and Spain.

Claudix Vanesix

(They/Them) XR artist and performer from Peru.
In their work Claudix combines Immersive Media with Machine Learning and Performance Art to reflect about internet culture, algorithmic patterns in society and the impact of new technologies into indigenous identities.
Their work has been presented in galleries and festivals in the USA, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Co-Founder of the collective AMiXR.