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Artistic Director / Founder / Curator

Martha Hincapié Charry


Lina Gómez
Valeria Oviedo
Instituto Cervantes Berlin
Ibero-American Embassies in Berlin
Martha Hincapié Charry


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PLATAFORMA BERLIN is the decolonial and intersectional BIPoC/Latinx (Black Indigenous People of Colour/of Latin origin) springboard for, dance, performance, installation, documentary, discourse and screendance.

PLATAFORMA BERLIN -ANTI-COLONIAL BODIES-, assumes bodies as protagonist and overriding theme, exploring the present existential crisis of humanity in relationship with Planet Earth, linking the history and the future of human and non-human bodies, in the dawning of our ecological catastrophe.

The voices of BIPoC/Latinx in Berlin have long been ignored and our knowledge devalued, leading to predominant westernised discourses. PLATAFORMA BERLIN is committed to contribute to the possibilities of understanding bodies beyond white gazes and colonial labels, in an era marked by extractivism, patriarchal capitalism, white feminism and racist exclusion.

The artists invited to this 10th version of PLATAFORMA BERLIN, native to Bolivia, Mèxico and Perú, reclaim their sovereignty from colonial imprints. They embody the transmutation of colonial wounds while breaking the spell of colonial programming. The 2023 program ANTI-COLONIAL BODIES, unfolds new media, u(s)topias, female selfs, ceremony and temporalities in spaces that allows plural readings, at DOCK11 and Barazani Berlin.

The gathering brings awareness upon artists and activists working with ancestral technologies that have been distorted by neocolonialisms and cultural appropriation. Historically, underrepresented BIPoC/Latinx communities have had to tolerate negatively impacted environments, much more than white Eurocentric bodies. Intersectional discourses have increased demand for multicultural inclusion; the augmentation of alternative epistemologies and ways of cohabitation, as well as non-white ecological, geopolitical and ontological frameworks.

The intercontinental encounter makes a transdisciplinary reflection on the human body, creating a movement of Amazons & Shamans, proposing actions to address the way in which we affect society with our myths, rituals, animality, and statements of progress.

PLATAFORMA BERLIN is an initiative of BIPoC/Latinx curator Martha Hincapié Charry, together with a group of local artists and institutions including Barazani Dock11, Uferstudios, Radialsystem, Instituto Cervantes, Mime Centrum, Goethe Institute and Ibero-American embassies.