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The REDIV / Iberoamerican Videodance Network 2018 Exhibition is made up of twelve Mexican, Cuban, Chilean, Brazilians, Argentinean and Spanish short films divided into three programs. We carry out the selection from Festival proposals members of the network.

The screening is divided in tree parts:

1. Social bodies. Memories and flesh that disappear but can be seen: the Latin American city as a game of resistances, cities that call with other voices. The struggle for oblivion. The recuperation.

2. Artifices in tension. Ibero-American reinterpretations of archetypes, personifications. Are all the constructions, re-constructions? Rhythms choreo-cinematographic, and the scene as a problem. The showcase, the museum of natural history, the look that dances. How is it possible to stage the sensation? What does a poetic fiction offer us?

3. Visibility between borders. Borders of skin, strokes, geographical, intergenerational, borders between beauties. Bodies that relate, reveal landscapes and rituals. Garbage and displaced people. Scriptures that are read here. We are going to allow ourselves evocations, feel the lightness of the mobility that is possible, which is one of the primordial human senses.

Curators: Ladys Gonzalez (AR), Ximena Monroy (MX) y Denise Matta (BR).